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How Georgetown Village Can Help You

Membership Benefits and Services

In the event of an emergency, call 911. Georgetown Village is NOT equipped to provide emergency assistance.

Georgetown Village was established with the goal of helping our members safely and securely age in place. To help accomplish this goal we have created a Georgetown Village Member Bill of Rights that we abide by in working with our members. Be sure to read this over so that you know your rights and the values that we have established to protect you.



Volunteer drivers are available to provide round-trip transportation for members.  Advance notice is required. When appropriate, drivers can assist members to and from the front door and help carry groceries or packages.Typical destinations can include: grocery stores, doctors' offices, houses of worship, meetings, and social and educational events. 


Rides for medical appointments, groceries and GV events more than doubled in 2019

At-Home Assistance

Georgetown Village volunteers are happy to visit you in your home or phone you on a regular basis. Volunteers may help you with such tasks as those listed below, or can provide information and advice. Typical tasks might include:
  • Organizing paperwork
  • Cleaning out closets or cabinets
  • Changing light bulbs
  • Hanging pictures
  • Flipping mattresses
  • Moving furniture
  • Hanging curtains
  • Making simple repairs

Raking, sweeping, or shoveling walks

At home assistance increased eightfold from 2018 to 2019

Daily Contact Program

Designed primarily for Georgetown Village members who live alone, this program facilitates a daily phone call to members to inquire if they are all right. Volunteers call at pre-arranged times to check on members, and can make recommendations as necessary.

Gardening Advice and Help
Georgetown Village can refer you to professionals for major gardening and landscaping work. We also have volunteers who can help with small gardening chores.


Emergency Flash Drive Program

Every member of Georgetown Village is offered an Emergency Room Flash Drive.  Our office volunteers will help the member upload information onto the pre-loaded Medical Information Sheet that was devised with the help of the Georgetown Village Medical Advisory Board.  The member can keep this flash drive on a key chain and in the event of an emergency first responders have immediate access to important health information such as; allergies, medications used, prevalent medical conditions, etc.

Medical and Family Support
Georgetown Village volunteers who have received specialized training can assist members during doctor visits. These volunteers may also help you prepare for working with healthcare professionals. Typical medical and family support might include:
  • Preparing members for a hospital visit
  • Accompanying you during doctor visits
  • Organizing medical records and tax-related medical bills
  • Taking notes during doctor visits to help you remember what is said
  • Writing down when medicine needs to be taken and/ or labeling medicine bottles
  • Calling family members after surgery or medical treatment
Technology and Technical Support
Volunteers can help members explain technology and set up computers, cell phones, internet routers, or similar devices. Other tech needs might include:
  • Programming and using cordless phones
  • Setting up your new computer and/or printer
  • Troubleshooting your computer
  • Setting up a wireless network in your home
  • Scheduling taping of television shows

IT services grew by more than 30% in 2019

Convenience Services
Volunteers can help members with daily life chores on an occasional basis. Typical chores include:
  • Mailing packages
  • Running errands
  • Preparing occasional meals
  • Organizing files and paperwork
  • Checking on houses when members are away
  • Waiting for delivery or service personnel
  • Picking up mail or newspapers
  • Temporary dog walking or pet care
Professional Service Providers

Georgetown Village will help members identify professional service providers who are qualified to perform a range of tasks essential to the upkeep and maintenance of a house-- sometimes  at a discounted fee-- including plumbers, carpenters, and electricians.  These providers have been suggested by members and cross-checked with selected consumer protection agencies, the Washington Consumers’ Checkbook online listing, and other referral sources.  Please let the office know if there is someone who has done excellent work for you so we can approach them about becoming a Georgetown Village service provider.

Washington Consumers’ Checkbook
Georgetown Village members receive a free online membership to Washington Consumers’ Checkbook  a non-profit consumer information and service resource (  Consumers’ Checkbook publishes ratings by users for quality and prices of local service companies, professional services, and stores. If you prefer a print edition of the magazine, let the Georgetown Village office know.  

Georgetown Village celebrates its volunteers who provided 2,200 hours of service

How to Request Services

Please call the Georgetown Village office at 202-999-8988 to request services and discuss your needs with the Executive Director or a volunteer, whether or not these needs are listed in this handbook. Although we have tried to give you a comprehensive list, it is by no means complete, and if you give us a call, we will try to help you out!

When the office is closed, your phone call is forwarded to the cell phone of Lynn Golub-Rofrano, the Executive Director. 

When you request services, we will attempt to find you a volunteer who can help you. If this is not possible you will receive suggestions from our provider list. When you contact a vendor from our provider list please always identify yourself as a Georgetown Village member so vendors know that they are receiving business based on their association with the Village. To help Georgetown Village strengthen its relationships with vendors, please notify the office when making further arrangements to use your Georgetown Village vendor following an initial visit.

You will be contacted by our office after you have received a service so that we can keep track of your feedback. Please contact us immediately with any problems or concerns.